We are here!

It’s the end of season one of Loteria with RipplePHX. Who would’ve thought that it all started with a beautiful red ribbon. A red ribbon that represents more than we think, red red ribbon that started the journey to this amazing project. Our mission is to raise HIV awareness and educate our community. By educating my community one topic at a time I was actually educating myself and learning with everyone. Whether it was simple like rolling on a condom or something more complicated like knowing what PREP or PEP.

This year has been amazing, I’ve learned so much with the Loteria Team. Whether we were laughing, eating, or playing dress up it was always a learning experience. I never thought I could be a nurse, a bride or even Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but we were all learning something behind every costume.  It’s so important to love one another and not judge people because of their status. Go out and get tested!  Don’t be afraid of what people say!


I know I talk a lot sometimes, sorry, I promise I’m almost done.

It’s been a really difficult year with everything going on in the world but we’ve managed to get through.  Thank you all for the support!  Thank you for the National Library of Medicine for the funding, we couldn’t have done this amazing project without them.  Also to our home bar Stacy’s for letting us use the space.  And of course to ALL OF YOU for reading our articles and playing with us every week!!!

Remember “Go beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

Hope to see you all soon!! Happy Holiday season! ❤

Signing out!

Aubrey Ghalichi XOXO