Hello amigos!

I want to take this moment to say Muchas Gracias for being such an amazing community and for believing in this amazing project called Lotería. This project was built to educate ourselves and our community about an important issue we face every day, HIV.

RipplePHX has worked hard to get this project going to help out with this topic that is hard for some people to talk about. Please don’t let HIV define your life.  You can control how it impacts you by making the best choice for you.

Amigos, please take the time to educate and protect yourself and loved ones. I encourage you to keep reading our articles and see what is helpful for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out us or anyone else from the team that you feel comfortable talking with. Love, hope, faith, strength and knowledge is what we need to keep fighting HIV.

We all thank you for your support to the Lotería team.  Thank you to everyone who followed us throughout the year, read our articles and kept playing Lotería, live!

Comunidad, plz love one another and be safe and keep educating others and yourselves.

Love you all,
Jimena Cavalli