The Chariot provides FREE HIV testing services at a wide variety of events and locations throughout Maricopa County each month.  Check out The Chariot and the locations we’ll be pulling-up to this month and “Step Right Up” for a Free Rapid HIV Test and PrEP Services!  



Check out the events below where The Chariot will be on-site at an event or location providing Free, Walk-up HIV Testing!  No appointment necessary, no insurance needed.  English and Spanish speakers.  Handicapped Accessible.


Not only does The Chariot bring Free HIV Testing where it’s needed in Maricopa County, but it also brings a variety of test types and also teams of specialists from our community to help with next steps after your test!  Check it out!

Zip Codes

The Zip Codes in our Service Area were selected based on data that showed areas of Maricopa County that had higher amounts of HIV cases in 2019 and higher amounts of AIDS diagnosis’ rather than HIV diagnosis’. Then, we filled in with other zip codes to create our service area.

Types of HIV Tests

We use two different types of HIV tests. If you’re in a hurry, we’ll use the Insti which delivers results in 1 minute. However, the window period for that test is up to 3 months from the last exposure. The Determine, however, can detect HIV as quickly as 18 days which is why it’s our test of choice, but it takes 20 minutes to run.

Tele-PrEP Appointments

Our own PrEP Specialists or a team member from Spectrum Medical or Chicanos Por La Causa will be onboard and can get you information about PrEP, answer your questions and get you set up for a Tele-PrEP appointment or an appointment with a local PrEP provider!

HIV Treatment

If your test is positive, our Linkage to Care Navigator is on board and can help get you set-up with treatment right away. You’ll need to visit a local provider's office for this one – but if you don’t have transportation, we’ll make sure you can get to that appointment. After that, we'll stay in contact with you for a year to make sure you have the tools and support to stay in treatment.


When you finish with your test on The Chariot, go for a FREE shopping spree at our new, Action Center Shop right on board!  Stock-up on condoms, lube, tools, exclusive swag and more!



AJ has been the Ripple-Makin’ Community Outreach Manager at RipplePHX since July 2019 and has worked in HIV Prevention for 4 years.  He’s passionate about eliminating stigma around HIV and also spends his time helping those struggling with homelessness and food insecurities by volunteering at organizations like Joshua Tree Feeding Program.  He loves to spend time driving around in fast cars and travelling to the northern Arizona mountains to fish and sit by the lake to clear his head and stay grounded. 

noah altman

Noah Altman is an Arizona native, from Yuma Arizona and has been living in  Phoenix for the last decade. Noah pursued his bachelor’s degree in social work from Arizona State University and has been working in the HIV field since 2013. His experience includes HIV testing, outreach, program coordinating and case management. Noah loves Mountain Dew almost as much as he loves RuPaul’s Drag Race and has recently been binge-watching The Walking Dead series.  He also has an adorable pup named Riley.  


Devin launched the PrEP/PEP Program at Spectrum Medical in 2018 and is excited about making PrEP navigation a mobile service. Devin really admires one of Spectrum’s providers, Judy Bergman, because of her vast knowledge of HIV treatment, prevention and STIs.  She has become an incredible resource and supporter as Devin goes to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.  When he’s had a rough week, you’ll find Devin binge-watching the remake of “One Day at a Time” on Netflix – raving about how much he loves Rita Moreno’s character!


Javier has been a PrEP Navigator with Spectrum Medical since September 2019 where he loves empowering people to take charge of their sexual health with PrEP.  He’s always looking for ways he can impact his community, environment, and loves to learn more about HIV and other viruses by keeping up with Science and Medical Journals.  Javier is also passionate about social justice issues, healthcare reform, and better educational opportunities for marginalized communities.


Juan is one of the newest additions to the Spectrum Medical Team.  He started in July 2020 as their Program Navigator and loves being able to make testing and sexual health education more accessible.  If you catch him in the club, he’ll probably be sipping-away on one of his favorite fruity cocktails with the little umbrellas like a Banana Daiquiri, Mango Daiquiri, or Slippery Nipples.  He nurses those hangovers the next day with reruns of The Golden Girls while telling himself to “just keep swimming”.


Kayte wanted to be a Marine Biologist when she was 10 years-old.  She’s volunteered with RipplePHX since the very beginning and is excited to help people connect with PrEP who may not be able to access it on their own.  In her free time, you’ll catch her binge-watching either Bob’s Burgers or The Golden Girls.  One of her personal mottos was taught to her by her grandmother to “always leave things better than you found them.”


Jason is one of the Co-Founders and is the Board Chair for RipplePHX.  He’s excited to be a part of The Chariot team to bring HIV Testing to the outlying areas of the Valley.  When he’s not aboard The Chariot, you can probably catch Jason streaming Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix…over and over, and over again!  Since high school, Jason has always had an eye on trailblazing, with one of his favorite quotes still inspiring him today, “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.” ~ Muriel Strode


Jeremy is one of the Co-Founders and is the Chief Ripple-Maker at RipplePHX.  He loves developing innovative tools to reach into the Phoenix LGBTQ+ community to reduce the impact of HIV – regardless of status.  He’s a big fan of all things Star Trek and says there aren’t many days where he doesn’t watch at least one episode of one of the series.  Season 3 of Enterprise is his all-time favorite to binge-watch.  Jeremy also loves to study film in his spare time and loves being hands-on while building things like Carnivals or Testing Buses with his hands.

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