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About the Arizona HIV Needs Survey

The purpose of the HIV Needs Survey is to gain a better understanding of current access to testing, treatment and prevention services. By sharing needs, experiences and barriers, your feedback will help to highlight what has gone right with HIV services and how they can be improved.


We really want to hear from a wide range of Arizonans to make sure we're bringing the resources and services YOU need!


Survey results feed Arizona's Jurisdictional 5-Year Plan that guides HIV organizations throughout Arizona through 2027!


Complete the Arizona HIV Needs Survey and receive a $50 Walmart Gift Card by mail! Limit 1 per person.

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A chat with Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola

RipplePHX:  “What made you want to be a part of this campaign?”

Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola “Well, HIV work is a big part of my entire process of being a Sister and even before that.  I’ve had lots of people who are affected by HIV, some of which have passed, and really we think about the 1980’s is when the epidemic was it’s worst. But people still have a lack of resources, and it’s still important to get information and awareness out there.  So being a part of this program is part of what I do anyway, but this is a great way to spread the word even farther and get more interested and aware of resources out there!”

RipplePHX:  “If you could do one thing to change HIV in Arizona, what would you do?”

Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola:  “I think it’s really important to spread awareness about HIV and to let people know what options are out there for resources and treatment.  So many people are unaware – and when I have conversations with youth, they don’t know anything about HIV – and so I think education is key.”

RipplePHX:  “What do you think needs to happen to reduce the stigma around HIV?”

Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola:  “I think that education is the key to reducing the stigma around HIV.  The more people who know, the more they can do with that information and the less scary it will be.”

RipplePHX:  “What do you think is the biggest misconception about living with HIV?”

Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola:  “I think the biggest misconception around HIV is that it’s stigmatized in a way that people think it’s a death sentence.  And I know that’s a harsh word to use, but a lot of people still think that.  The more we can get people interested and aware of what’s going on and helping them to educate others, the better it will be to help the stigma go away naturally through education and also the more people can feel like it’s not this big scary thing anymore.”

RipplePHX:  “If you could go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself something about HIV that you know now, what would it be?”

Sister Jareth Harrie Eerie Hola:  “When I was younger, HIV was still very scary – especially in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I want my younger self to know that developments are coming, hope is not lost, we will be able to move forward with new pills and treatment.  And we do treat the whole person at various places, so please make sure you give yourself some time to learn this stuff and not just write off HIV as this big, scary thing.”