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About the Arizona HIV Needs Survey

The purpose of the HIV Needs Survey is to gain a better understanding of current access to testing, treatment and prevention services. By sharing needs, experiences and barriers, your feedback will help to highlight what has gone right with HIV services and how they can be improved.


We really want to hear from a wide range of Arizonans to make sure we're bringing the resources and services YOU need!


Survey results feed Arizona's Jurisdictional 5-Year Plan that guides HIV organizations throughout Arizona through 2027!


Complete the Arizona HIV Needs Survey and receive a $50 Walmart Gift Card by mail! Limit 1 per person.

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A chat with Justin Deeper-Love

RipplePHX:  “What made you want to be a part of this campaign?”

Justin “I love giving back to my community.  I believe in doing things for the benefit of a cause instead of one’s self.  I think with this particular campaign, it’s super-important to get out the awareness of HIV – especially when taking the survey.  There’s probably some questions in there that are gonna make you go ‘HUH!'”

RipplePHX:  “Why do you think it’s important for people to take this survey?”

Justin:  “I think it’s important for individuals to take this survey – and I’ll take it as well – because I think it will promote awareness and education.”

RipplePHX:  “Was there a moment when your eyes opened or when HIV became more important in your life?”

Justin:  “Today, on the way up [to Phoenix] to do this photo shoot, I was listening to YouTube videos of stories and there were really heart-felt stories.  Individuals who were in straight relationships, pregnant or didn’t think it would happen to them.  This – this is just a definite need.”

RipplePHX:  “What do think needs to happen to reduce HIV stigma in Arizona?”

Justin:  “Exactly what we’re doing here with this HIV awareness survey.  I think we still need to have our voice and I think we need education because there are still misconceptions.”